Wonderland Concert

'....it was really brilliant. The choreography, the music, the theme, the costumes, the kids looked and were amazing!' 

Big Steps Little Feet have been creating positive performance experiences for you children for the past 13 years and we remain the perfect introduction to the art of ballet performance for children aged 2-15. 

The concert is essentially for the children. It instils confidence, sparks joy and nurtures crucial presentation skills, right from the early years. It is also a wonderful time for the teachers to present their creativity. It fires their spirit, which only gives wonderful things back to the children in their classes.

The hour long concert is a collaborative storytelling process involving teachers, costume designers, set designers and children and it evolves over time. It’s an opportunity to stage the best of all our abilities in the highest theatrical manner and to hold space for the children to be totally and uniquely themselves. We architect a rare, un rushed childhood experience, by giving children sufficient time on stage to be immersed into the world of performance.

The love and attention the children receive is an overwhelming form of validation. Years from now they may not remember what they did on stage, but they will certainly remember how they felt.

The elder students will lead our junior performers to bring the story of Wonderland to life. Watch as Alice follows the Rabbit down the rabbit hole into a crazy world of wonder.

Alice is enjoying a delighful garden party with her very special friends when she spots a rabbit and her tiny baby bunnies, she follows the rabbit down the rabbit hole, and is enchanted by the spirits of the rabbit hole which lead her to the crazy cheshire cats and the many colourful characters of wonderland. The tea-cup fairies are enjoying a rather odd tea party with the Mad Hatter, March Hare, Sleepy Door Mouse, Caterpillar, Tweedle Dee and Dum. A flock of Flamingo's giver her great delight before metting the rather mean Queen of Hearts. The enchanting ballet will feature costumes from Tutu du Monde, sets designed by Rebecca Dudley and lots of free dancing!

Tutu du Monde are the suppliers for our costumes. Tutu du Monde's values align nicely with the values of Big Steps Little Feet, it is an ethical company whose tutus are hand-made, hand-dyed, one-off with details of sequins, beads and feathers applied by hand to cotton, silk and tulle. The tutus are made to last and get better with wear. The designs are perfect and totally appropriate for each role in Wonderland.  

Performance Date & Times

Running Time: 1 Hour
Concert 1: Sun |  3 Dec | 10.30am

Concert 2: Sun | 3 Dec | 12.15pm

Concert 3: Sun | 3 Dec | 2.00pm

Concert 4: Sun | 3 Dec | 3.45pm

Concert 5: Sun | 3 Dec | 5.30pm

Pricing Information
Tickets now on sale
Children $20 / Adults $40
Tickets are issued on a first serve basis. Cash or cheque payments only. Tickets are non refundable.
Children on laps and permitted free on the knee.
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