Details & Terms & Conditions ~ Autumn 2022 

Receive 100 % credit on your account by referring 5 friends; allowing your child to dance Term 3 - 2022 for free.

Receive 20% as credit for referring 1 child, 
40% credit for referring 2 children, 
60% credit for referring 3 children, 
80% credit for referring 4 children and 
100% credit for referring 5 children. 

This referral offer is only available during each enrolment period - the next enrolment period at BSLF is between 27th March and 8th July 2022.

How to receive your credit
Enrol your child first and start referring friends

  • Commencing 27th March, re-enrol your child into your chosen class. 
  • Let your friends, family, colleagues, play group, daycare, pre school and school parents know about our classes.
  • When your friend enrols into one of our classes (from March 27) they confirm that you referred them. 
  • Credit isn't given to you if they have not told us upon completing their enrolment forms you referred them.
  • We will then apply the first 20% of the term 2 fees as credit to your account for you to use in Term 3, 2022. 
  • Refer another 4 children and you have earned 100% of your child's fees as credit and they can dance for free in Term 3, 2022. 

Term and Conditions 

  1. Only one credit given per referred child. ie: If 2 families refer the one child, only one referring family will receive the credit. 
  2. If you refer a family who enrol more than one child into the same term as a result of your referral 10% of the referral amount for the second or third child will be deducted off the credit payable to you.
  3. The referred child can enrol for a trial, however credit will only be applied to your account if they continue and pay for the full term within the time frame of the referral program 27th March and 8th July 2022
  4. The dates of the referral program are not flexible, if a referred family does not enrol before the cut off date you will not receive your credit. 
  5. If you miss the preferential week to re enrol, you still can enrol at anytime, however any credit earned by referring others won't be applied until after we receive your enrolment. 
  6. A new family who has enrolled and paid in FULL for term 2 can receive referral credits for referring friends who enrol before 8th May 2022.
  7. All credit will have an expiry date; the term 2 credits will expire on 30th July 2022. 
  8. Credit is non transferable and can't be redeemed for cash or sold or carried over into another term or another year. 
  9. Credit can't be used to buy concert tickets or concert video or concert merchandise or concert costumes. Credit can't be used to enrol into a school holiday workshop. 
  10. Credit won't be given if a referred family does not let us know you referred them (they enter this information when setting up their account online.) 
  11. Credit is given if the referred family is new to BSLF and as a trial we will allow a referring family to have attended our classes in the past, prior to 2021. Therefore, if a friend attended class in 2020 or before but hasn't enrolled into a class last year or this year they'll be considered a referable friend. It's important that you let us know of this referral via email ~ we'll follow up with the referred returning family because if they have not mentioned this referral in the comments section when enrolling we can't apply anyone a referral credit. 
  12. You can't enrol a sibling (another child in your family) and receive the 20% refer a friend credit. Siblings receive a 10% credit if enrolled in Full with the other children in your family. 
  13. Along with you, all referred families have the chance to receive this same offer when it comes to re enrolling into Term 2 2022; receiving 100% credit for referring another 5 friends, credit redeemed when enrolling for Term 3, 2022. 
  14. When it comes to referring others you may want to think of people like yourself who appreciate our values, philosophy and method. For example: a parent who is looking for competitions, pageants, talent quests or wants their child to learn tap/cheerleading/acrobatics may not appreciate our creative product with a focus on feeling before form. Or our concerts, where we offer amazing experiences for the dancers wearing costumes from Tutu Du Monde. 
    Or perhaps your powers of persuasion can convince them otherwise ;)