Wonderland Concert 2

Scarecrow's Wedding Ballet Concert

Concert 2 ~ 12.15 - 1.15pm

Cast List
Bondi Sat 8.45am - 2yrs - Bunnies
Bondi Fri 9.15am - 3yrs - Flamingo's
Bondi Thurs 10.20am - 3/4yrs - Garden Party Guests
Bondi Sat 9.30am - 3-5yrs - Tea-Cup Fairies
Bondi Wed 4.20pm - 5/6yrs - Rabbit Hole Spirits
Balmain Wed 5.00pm - Grade One Ballet - Queen's Guards
Grade 2: Cheshire Cats
Grade 3: Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee, Mad Hatter, March Hare, Door Mouse and Caterpillar
Grade 6: Alice, Rabbit, Queen of Hearts

Stage Rehearsal Date & Time Venue:
Waverley College Performing Arts Centre Monday 27 Nov @ 5.00pm

Further Details

Song Lyrics

All rainbow ballet children need to learn 'If your a Ballerina' to sing at the end of the concert.
The baby ballet bunnies will sing 'Little Peter Rabbit' (we've changed the lyrics for cuteness sake)


Click here for Lyrics


Waverley College Performing Arts Centre, 131 Birrell St, Waverley NSW 2024
Children will need to be at the venue at least 30 minutes before the show begins. 
Video recording or photography of any kind is not allowed in the theatre.

Pricing Information

Children $20 / Adults $40
Tickets are issued on a first serve basis. Cash or cheque payments only.
Tickets are non refundable.Your order is final. 
Babes on laps are permitted free on the knee.

To order your tickets [click here]

Flowers for Performers

Former florist Andrew Crawford will be making bunches of flowers from what is in season and they will be on sale in the foyer at the concert.
Each bunch is $25.00 paid in cash on concert day (no custom makes or split bunches will be available)
Last year Andrew sold out of flowers after the second concert; to avoid missing out this year you can pre order a flower arrangement for your child by completing this google form.