Celebrating the aesthetic and creative elements of ballet through dance, fairy tales, storytelling, drama and technical development. 

Course Overview
Our Rainbow Ballet classes are much loved as they foster ballet technique development without the stress that can be associated with learning ballet. Within our uncompromising framework our dancers acquire skills whilst still having the freedom to express themselves creatively and of course, have a good time. At Big Steps Little Feet, we do not believe that ballerinas should conform to a certain shape or style and we encourage our blossoming dancers to bloom and grow.

  • All our classes are streamed by age to maximise every dancer’s potential for learning and growth
  • Classes progress year by year in technical and creative challenges
  • Once dancers reach 6 years of age they may progress to Creative Dance or Classical Ballet

Class Objectives

  • To celebrate and honour every child’s natural abilities and reveal their unique talents  
  • Developing strength, technical ability and growth in a stress free and creative space
  • Celebrating storytelling, fairy tales, creative dance and the magic of childhood
  • Teaching dancers the foundations of ballet - sautes, tendus, arabesques, jetes, pirouettes
  • Developing an awareness of posture, musicality, alignment, weight placement and coordination

Class Themes
To enhance creativity and keep our classes interesting and fresh, a new theme is introduced every term. This allows for individual classes to be brought to life each week with new characters, props and activities. Our themes intertwine through a combination of creative dance, storytelling, free movement, drama and skill development. All our props and costumes are lovingly and mindfully made by hand.

WEEKLY THEME EXAMPLES: Mermaids, Seahorses and Pirates

Class Outline

  • Our classes start with a warm up designed to develop non-locomotor skills and activate the mind and body
  • The weekly and term themes determine the dramatic elements of the class, which lead the children on a challenging and joyous adventure, at the same time developing their ballet technique, music appreciation, creative dance skills and gross motor development
  • A familiar cool down exercise brings the class to a close. This often includes dress-ups, free dancing or narrative inspired dance followed by a relaxation activity

Age Groups
Classes are streamed by age and progress year by year. As dancers mature, the ballet syllabus becomes more demanding increasing the technical and creative challenges to suit the age and ability of your child. 

What to wear and bring
We encourage our students to dress in clothes that are comfortable whilst still expressing their creativity.


  • Pink leather ballet shoes – these can be purchased from a specialist dance wear supplier (no jiffies or ballet flats please)
  • Students can choose their own style of leotard, skirt, ballet dress, soft fairy dress or soft tutu
  • Remember to layer up during the colder months - ballet or footless tights, crossovers or a soft knitted cardigan are good options 
  • Please avoid dresses/dress ups that are too long and elaborate as they can restrict the amount of movement and also make dancers itchy and uncomfortable


  • Leggings, shorts or bike shorts
  • T-shirt or singlet
  • Black ballet shoes 
  • Avoid jeans, cargo pants and anything bulky

Local Dancewear Suppliers
BLOCH: Shop 2, 25-33 Bronte Rd Bondi Junction or 117 York Street CBD
SALVIOS: 34 St Pauls Street Randwick
If shopping online, brands to look out for are Bloch, Capezio, Sansha or Energetiks

Remember to bring a water bottle to class. Snacks are permitted before and after class however please ensure they are nut free.