Big Steps Little Feet Privacy Statement

1 Big Steps respects your privacy and will not knowingly use your personal or confidential information in any way that compromises your trust in us.

1.1 We will not knowingly share, rent, loan, sell or otherwise provide your personal or confidential information to any external parties except as required to fulfil your order or request or unless we have good cause to believe that we are required to do so under law.

2 Collection: Big Steps may collect personally identifiable information concerning you and/ or your business, such as your name and contact details.

2.1 You may also be able to submit similar information about other people (for example if you purchase a gift voucher on behalf of a beneficiary, or if you choose to deliver your purchase directly to a third party recipient).

2.2 Information provided is for the purpose for which it is provided, such as to fulfil your enrolment, order or request. Including the payment for the service or product.

2.3 We may store your information for the purposes of sending you important updates, periodic product catalogues or newsletters. You may elect not to receive these at any time, by contacting us (please see our contact page).

2.4 On occasion we ask you to submit product reviews and testimonials, by way of email or surveys; often you may provide testimonials or product reviews at your own discretion.

2.4-1 We may, at our discretion, publish these in whole or part on our website and/ or in external marketing materials. We may edit such communications slightly, but will not knowingly alter the intent or meaning of the review or testimonial. We may elect not to publish your submission.